img_4791.jpg dsc_0544.jpg It is FEN's 31st anniversary this year ! Thank you for all your support !     


 About us

Play and learn in English
 We offer our students a 100% English environment. In our ‘English Place’ facility we focus on providing a space where children can be immersed in English. We provide students with textbooks in our regular courses which enables them to engage with English first hand. In addition, on Friendship Days, we offer various activities that utilise English with the purpose of intercultural exchange and making friends.

English Language Exam Support

 In 2019, over 132 of our students passed the EIKEN examination. Through regular study, we aim for all of our students to pass the EIKEN examination, by developing and improving on the four skills : listening, speaking, reading and writing.

 ※ We have managed to pass over 100 students in eight consecutive years.  (total of 3 school buildings)

English Conversation With Native Teacher

 We teach English in a fun and casual environment, while still following a set curriculm. We try to make English accessable to everyone by having classes from infants to adults.

English Grammar Education

 Everyone learns in their own way. Therefore, our English grammar courses are personalized to suit the learning needs of each individual student to ensure a consistent advancement in their English ability. Begin the progress at your own pace! There is a tried and tested system which ensures a large number of our students each year pass the EIKEN!


About Hamazemi and FEN Individual Guidance Class

 FEN Foreign Academy, est. 1989, focuses on group classes run by our Native English teachers. Hamazemi, which is coming up to its 45th birthday, is our Juku service which  supports students and their individual learning needs in a range of subjects. We believe in  training children from a global perspective how to contribute to society.

We strive to meet the needs of each individual student and make the development of each student’s learning our imperative.